Train climbing/bouldering with us.

Sometimes climbing demands more than just our own experience and wisdom. In the presence of someone knowledgable and qualified, you might find yourself going towards the direction that you’ve always yearn for.

Our climbing coaches are qualified individuals with many years of experiences. Their involvement in this industry goes beyond the years of coaching; some were former athletes who’ve competed in renowned competitions such as IFSC World Cup, Asian Championship and X-Games, while some have achieved the 8s in world of bouldering and some are just amazing human with great personality, respected and all.

They have established their credentials as an athlete, route-setter and coach, which makes them a highly effective mentor for competitions, outdoors and recreational climbing.

Each coaching session is between 90-120minutes. Your first session with us will include assessment of your climbing fundamentals so that our coaches can carefully create a training plan for you. To optimised your climbing performances, we have also included complimentary 1-on-1 yoga/mobility sessions for you!


1-on-1 Coaching (Recreational/Outdoor/Competition)

1 Session = $100/pax (inclusive of 1 yoga/mobility class, gym entry & coach )

5 Sessions = $475/pax (inclusive of 5 yoga/mobility classes, rental shoes, gym entry & coach)

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