Aroma Flow combines therapeutic grade essential oils (Young Living) with a gentle yet uplift yoga practice to enhance the body, mind & breathe awareness, promoting in releasing body tension, blocked chakra energies and negative emotions. This asana practice creates an inwards journey of reconnecting with one self, connecting movements from the Root to the Core. *Ladies-only class available*

Class is Multi-Level and is suitable for Beginners.



Dharana Yog's signature practice Movement & Mobility (Mindful Mover™) are designed specially for climbers/boulderers & uprising athletes in the sports climbing industry. This unique training combines the practice of Yoga Core + Primal Movements to promote a mindful yet functional routine that are meant to improved one's overall flexibility, mobility and motor control, while keeping the meditative state of mind. This practice also introduces you to the stretch & control of the muscles that stabilise your movements. A strong and stable core prevents injury and improves performance in all types of sports.

Class is Multi-Level and is suitable for Fitness Enthusiasts.



Looking to challenge your practice? Look no further. Vinyasa Flow practice is built around progressive sequences that will eventually lead you towards a 'peak' posture. Learn to safely get into postures, transitioning from one variation to another as we synchronise the movements with our breaths. Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutations will be introduced in this practice.

Class is Multi-Level and is suitable for Beginners.