Singapore Polytechnic Rock Climbers, Dharana Yog

Year 2 Singapore Polytechnic's student, Samantha was an avid hockey and table tennis player before she was introduced to sports climbing.

She has come a long way, from not able to complete beginner’s routes in the first few months of climbing to becoming one of the most passionate and dedicated climber in Singapore Polytechnic's Rock Climbing team. Together with the guide of former Singapore National Athlete and Coach Irwan Hussain, Samantha begins to incorporate both strength and movement based trainings such as yoga to supplement her climbing journey.

In less than a year of climbing, Samantha also managed to clinched a 20th place out of 70 participants in her very first bouldering competition in Singapore.

While the atmosphere and adrenaline rush of competitions are quite enticing for her, Samantha hopes to venture into outdoor bouldering and learn the art of movements in climbing for the next few years to come.