Here’s a start to your honest, diligent & dedicated movement practice/training.

We’d love to keep things affordable and accessible for the community; student hustlers to working warriors, young and old, athletes and performers, whichever you are.

Pick what you love, come as often as you like, hustle like how you always do.


  • Dharana Yog shall not be liable, for any loss, damage or personal injury suffered by participants while practicing/training under their guidance once their registration is successful in MindBody or Squarespace checkout page.

  • All yoga class packages (including single class) are valid for classes and workshops by Dharana Yog, unless otherwise stated.

  • Class packages are strictly non-refundable once purchased. 

  • We do not have any late cancellation charges (except for workshops), because we understand that sometimes, life happens. However, do help us to cancel early if you can't make it for class so that we can give the spot to someone in the waiting list! If you cancel your mat a week before the workshop date, we will deduct 2 classes from your package! 

  • If you are sick or travelling for more than 6 consecutive days, we'll help to extend your expiring date accordingly, as long as you provide us documentations to support your absence.

  • If you still have remaining classes once your package expires, you'll have the option to buy a new class package and we will roll over the remaining from the previous pack! 

  • We'll be sad to see you go, but if for any reason you had to transfer your package to someone else, a transfer fee of $50 will be implemented.