Experience The Madu Movement™ with Janna!


Group Yoga Practice

Janna teaches at multiple gyms/studios weekly, for the members of public in Singapore. You can find the rates and link to book the practice at the respective spaces below:

Prime Fight Gym | Athlete Lab | Field Assembly | Boulder World | Active SG

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1-on-1 Practice | Corporate


1-on-1 practices focus on the personal transformation of a student, with the teacher as a guide and supporting partner. Practices are mindfully curated to support individual needs and intention. If you are looking for a sustainable practice at the comfort of your own space (home or office), this is the perfect practice for you.

Email for rates and availability.

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Events | Retreats

Experience mass yoga practice with Janna.

Gather positive collective energy together with your tribe, your community. Events & retreats are one of many amazing ways to get together, to spend some time with people that matters.

Email for rates and availability.


Movement Training (Bouldering)

Bouldering is more than just strength. Movement training for beginner/novice boulderers focuses on mindful, functional bouldering techniques and pain-free applications to perform better on the wall. Core, mobility & movement training (on and off the wall) will be introduced to create stability, regain control of the muscles and increase range of motion (ROM).

Email for rates and availability.