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Danial Reduan

Affiliation/Sponsors: Singapore Polytechnic Rock Climbers, Dharana Yog

It all started 5 years ago, when a friend showed a couple of climbing videos, that has got him all intrigued. Today, Danial Reduan, a Marine Engineering Student, can be seen training in climbing gyms around Singapore, preparing himself for any upcoming competitions and rock trips.

Driven by the thrill of “ It’s now or never” from his first bouldering competition back in 2014, Danial shifted his focus from just recreational climbing to climbing competitively. In 2017, he captained Singapore Polytechnic’s Rock Climbing team, and managed to led his team to achieved a 2nd place in POL-ITE competition. He also brought home a medal for himself that year and the year before.

Now that he competes in the Elite(Open) category, Danial decided to train wiser with the assistance of functional movement practices, and although was briefly introduced to the practice of Yoga in 2016, he never quiet successfully managed to integrate them (Yoga & Climbing) together until recently, when he was presented with an opportunity to attend regular sessions.  

Enlightened by the significant improvement that it contributed to his climbing, Danial intend to only go onwards and upwards in his climbing journey from here forth.